When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. - Arthur Conan Doyle

April 18, 2005

What a great day to be a biker girl!! We couldn't ask for a better more perfect day to ride the hills!! I worked today and after work Sheryl and I headed for the hills south of town!! It was real nice riding a little wind out of the s-e but not bad at all!! We visited all the way and really enjoyed the great veiw of all the green rolling pastures! We ran into Gene and he was getting a good ride in too! We went to the juction and turnned around we had to get back the boys were getting out of track soon! It was pretty unevenful as far as Sheryl's allergys and dogs this time! We had the wind at our backs going home and it was a great ride, our max speed was 30 mph at one point!! I always say, nothing like the wind at your back and the sun in your face!
Miles Logged: 26.48

April 17, 2005

We had a club bike ride today, yah I know it was pretty windy, but we went anyway!! We had first planned to ride out to the lake and then decided to ride to Bartley instead. Linda and Kim picked me up at my corner and the wind was out of the s-w and gusty to 30 mph I would say! The sun was warm and it was fun to ride with the group! I seemed to ride real strong today and didn't seem like the wind bothered me much! We caught up with the rest at the health club. We had quite a few come to ride which was great! We headed out to Bartley and the wind was really strong by then, Linda and Kim were drafting from me, which made me feel good!! We had a corner tail wind coming back and boy was that fun! I clicked in my big ring and ran 20 to 21 mph the whole way back, now that is riding in my books!!! Everybody stopped at the Deli and had goodies and we peddaled on back. We all had a great time and a ton of fun, I am ready to go again!!! Even though it is the most wind I have peddaled in a while!
Miles Logged: 28.36

April 16, 2005

To good a day to pass up for a ride!! Biked from my corner to get Sheryl at her house. She wasn't feeling well so went on with out her. I had no idea where to go and decided to see if I can handle the lake road hill! It is always hard for me I think the angle and it is long! Anyway I went up the lake road and then back to just past Bartley to my 15 mile mark. I ran into Gene on the road and he was getting in a 100 mile ride, Wow I felt kinda bad then!! Anyway headed on home a pretty good breeze from the S-W and it gave me a good work out!!
Miles logged: 40.0

April 7, 2005

It looked like it would be a nice day Sheryl and I made plans to ride! I left my from my corner and caught up with Sheryl at her house! The wind was still a little cool but was in the low 70's! We decided to stay on the highway and went to Indianola and back. We felt strong in our legs and had a really good ride and of course a million laughs!! The wind was out of the n-e when we left and changed to the south coming back. I headed back to my corner to finish my ride! We had gotten a nice rain last night 80 was in our gauge!!
Miles logged: 40.10

April 4, 2005

We made it home from the big weekend all in one piece! It was a long ways there but a pretty ride! The layers of limestone along the banks are neat and the dogwood trees are blooming there! I didn't know it but it is the state tree in Mo. For the tractor pull the boys finished good for the first year! Jesse got a 2nd in the nation in 3750 lb class and Justin finished 4th in the nation in the 3500 lb class! Wow!! the best tractors in the nation were there so we felt pretty good with the pull!! They called them up front on the day of the Nationals and were congratulated on the way they pulled and keep up the good work!! The boys got plaques amd won some money for the winter pulling! We had a great time while we were there, we got to go to a New Bass Pro Shops that just opened.The boys wanted to buy some stink bait and a duck call, they have watched to much of the Cable Guy! It was the grand opening weekend and everybody just loved it , way cool!! Then there was a corevette show there and we stopped and got to see some great cars! Wow, one that was the favorite was a red 62 vette convertible ,fueley! He had done a frame up restore on it and Boy was it something else! I think that was my most favorite, but then there was that 63 big block that was awlful sweet too!! Colombia was a neat place but wonldn't want to live there, to crazy for this small town girl! On the way back home we went by the Kansas City Royals Stadium and the big Kansas Speedway! We noticed a shadow of a helicopter and it was a Schnook I got a pic of it ! It was pretty close to us I think maybe from Topeka air base! We had a great time and were glad to be home!!
Well it was nice today so I took a bike ride! Sheryl couldn't go so I went alone, wasn't near as much fun. Anyway went from my corner to past
Bartley to my 15 mile mark and then back to Cambridge and south and then back to my corner. It wasn't near as much fun with out Sheryl along! I was kinda tired from the trip so didn't take to long a ride. It was nice in the high 60's and a little windy out of the south east! It was good to get out and ride!!
Miles logged: 33.89

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