When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. - Arthur Conan Doyle

March 30,2005

A Hint of Green and the Sweet Smell of Rain!! Spring Must be here, the pastures are rolling with a blanket of green, the wheat is blowing like ripples in the water, growing inches everyday! The Perinial flowers are poking their heads out of the ground, yes Spring is Here!! The rain has filled the terace channels to the brim reflecting a bright blue from the sky,a rooster pheasant sounds in the distance and the birds are singing a happy song, what a pretty time of year!!
Packing, and getting ready to go, the tractor is loaded and we leave in the morning!! Keep your fingers crossed we need to pull our best ever! Looks like it will be nice here this weekend and no biking for me in a while! I did get in a 3 and half mile walk today!

March 29, 2005

Full moon on Easter, was the coolest! I don't know when I have seen a more pretty one it was so orange and bright sneaking up out of the horizon! I tried to take some pic's but couldn't hold my camera still enough! I think I could have watched it all night!! We had a great Easter we went into Dad and Mom's and my brother Mick was home too! Mom had a great dinner and I brought the pies! Of course I had enough for everybody in town. I made two Apples two Pumpkin's, a Cherry and a French Silk!Everybody told me which one was there favorite so I made them each what they had requested! I love to bake pies so I always go crazy, but we shared with all Mom and Dad's nieghbors, they are all elderly and enjoyed them so much! We had a great day the boys brought the nitro pickups to town and ran them around the park!
It is grilling weather today, that is what we did for supper! I worked got home kinda late, and had to go back in to get Justin from track. So I decided to take a big 4 mile walk instead of riding! I walked north of our house on a dirt road and enjoyed it so much everything is so so green, the wheat is lookin great now!
Jess went to the eye doc today he had got a piece of steel in his eye yesterday it watered out but scratched pretty good! He got some eye drops and has to wear his glasses for five days, other than being a little uncomfortable his eye will be fine!
We will be getting ready to go to Colombia MS.this Thur. we leave for the big city. The boys are so excited, they want to win National Tractor Pull Championship for the year! We will start cleaning and put a spit shine on the tractor, that you could put your lipstick on in the shine of the chrome!! It should be a great time!!

March 25, 2005

GOOD FRIDAY! I have another task that I do at the Church at this time of year. I am the only one that has tackled this task for quite a while. I really don't mind but I always need someone to help me. I hang a really long black cloth inside on the cross at our Church, sounds simple really! First you need to go over to the old parsonage for the big extention ladder and carry it over to the church and get it propped up at the alter to the cross. It is around thirty feet high, just a guess! My Dad helped me with it today and held the ladder which made me feel better! Anyway this cloth is long from the floor to the ceiling and I wrap it around my neck as I try to climb the ladder to the top of the cross! Wow! Then to drape it somehow to look even and nice! Then I have to go back tomorrow and take it down and put up the white one and go through the same thing! I do have to say being at the peak of the Church is pretty cool! Makes me think really clear about GOOD FRIDAY! I hope someday when I can't climb the ladder that someone else will take over and feel the same as me about being that high near this huge cross!!
Any way I am ready for the sun to shine SOON!

March 22, 2005

IT RAINED!!! YaHoo!! What a well needed rain, it smells so fresh and is making things green up fast! I didn't get to bike but oh well it is worth it!! We had 2.20 in all of rain fall. It is funny how a rain can change everybody's attitude toward daily challenges! I know it sure worked on me that way!! We had a very busy weekend on Sat we pulled at Kearney. The boys both full pulled right out the end of the track!! Which is good they are tied for first place in the National Championship in their weight divsions. We have one pull left , the Winter Pulls which is in Colombia MS. The first day is a points pull and the second day is for the championship! We will be pulling on April 1st, which is right around the corner!
Today at work Sheryl got her new espresso machine in, we were like a couple of kids at Christmas time!! Had to have a little electrical work done and a little set up and we were good to go! Man Oh Man does it make a nice pour and steams milk Great! We wore the old one out, because there was no comparrison, the new one sure worked great!! We had a good time and a ton of laughs doing so! It will sure be nice, I can't wait to make some more Latte's!
I think I may start a project in the morning of painting our bedroom. I really don't like to be in a mess.I have a couple of days to work on it. I need to get it done before I am cycling everyday, which I wish I was now. We need the rain so I won't even complain this time!!

March 18, 2005

Well it has been so long since I have biked I will have to train all over again. You know I don't mind wind really, in fact I can ride in pretty good wind speeds, but combine it with the cold is another thing! I didn't get in much health club time , I worked this week and was spent when I got home. Justin had a ton of homework each night along with wrestling toun. I do really miss getting to ride and think about Sheryl and her roll of toilet paper! Shes goes through one a ride blowing her nose every chance she gets! Then her nose looks so sore it makes mine even hurt! We will have some club rides where we can all go together and that will be a blast! I have talked to several people about getting started biking this week! Getting going is the hardest but once you get started you are hooked just like that!! Well I guess no riding tomorrow we antique tractor pull at Kearney, it will be cool they will have the V-8 modified tractors there!I hope they guys pull good! Then on Sunday they are going to Hasting to a gun show and I am going to stay home and clean house, maybe get a workout in Yah baby!

March 12, 2005

It was a windy cold day again, had to work this morning. So after work the guys were gone to the Lions club sale. I went into the health club and worked out. I worked weights then went upstairs and worked the eliptical. Was a good workout!

March 10, 2005

Well guess what the wind blew like something else today! Just shy of a hurricane forces, I would say! Man, am I tired of that!! I went in and tanned again,ran some errands in town and then headed for McCook to run some more! Had to hurry back, Justin and Andrew Man, and Alec, wrestled in the youth tournement there! We took Andrew with us there and were just in time to check in! We had quite a few Cambridge boys out and almost every time one on the mat! Andrew and Alec and some bad luck but chalk it up to experience! Justin stuck his fisrt guy and one by one point the second match. He was sucking wind hard, next time he needs to eat more before! Andrew is spending the night with us tonight and they are watching Flight of the Pheonix, pretty good movie!

March 9, 2005

Went in to town and tanned for the first time today. I wanted to get a start, so I don't get a bad burn when I ride. Was a nice day but didn't really have time to ride. I had to help with the Lenten supper at Church. I am Chairman of the month of March,and in charge of such things. So I went up to the health club and worked some upper body on the weights, then went upstairs to work 30 min. on the eliptical. Boy did I have the water pouring out then! I felt good was a great workout!

March 8, 2005

We had a bike club meeting tonight at the Bartley Com. Building. Justin road along with me, we needed to be there by 7:00. We had a good turnout, we discussed club rides. We will try to do two a month and have our meetings then. We also talked about our own web page so we can send e-mails to everyone that way. I told them about Sheryl's idea about the BRISK ride and they were all in favor we need to put the plan into works! We also elected officers, Harold Beebe is our new President! We talked about a ride where we can meet the group from North Plate halfway sometime, maybe Curtis?! We paid our dues for this year they are 10.00 for a single and 13.00 for a family. We also discussed our century ride that we have put on in the past are we going to do that one again, Postie said the Beth has inquired about it off and on!So we have lost to put into plans and make them work, hopefuly we can!

March 7, 2004

We all went to the health club and worked out tonight! I worked the upstiars machines, a level 6 which is the highest level on the eliptacle trainer.

March 5, 2005

I met at Sheryl's and we had decieded to ride the section South that goes around from Lebonon to Bartley and back in Cambridge. The wind was really strong out of the S S-W. It was a pretty nice day in the 60's. We of course peddled right into a head wind which was really hard going. We had some pretty good hills that challanged us! Sheryl's nose acted up the first hill. I heard this shrill sound in the air and looked back and happened to see her pick up her bike! S0 I pedal back and sure enough she stopped to blow her nose and feel over. Pretty much ok a few scraches though! Then she said the only thing to make this ride better was if we had a dog to chase us! I t seemed hard to ride the hills but I was strong today and things worked good for me! Except one time when I was showing Sheryl if we went back to the North it would be easy riding.... silly me started leaning and the wind was just strong enough it pushed me right over in the middle of the highway! I fell so hard it knocked the stuff right out of my nose, let me tell you I couldn't get up Sheryl was laughing so hard at me and got me laughing!! I thought I would be there forever before I got up! Of course she didn't worry if I got hurt.... only a skinned knee and elbow. Hey we were having fun!! We got to the junction and said poop on this wind and headed back to Cambridge, it was nice not having the wind in our faces and ears! That is my kind of riding! We got back to town it was a pretty ride, the cows were calving, and there were running all over the place kicking. They were enjoying the nice day too! I felt great when I got back, but Sheryl and her red nose was ready for home! HA!
Miles: 26.0
Time: 2.15
Average: 12.0

March 4,2005

We worked together today until after 2:00. We met at Sheryl's changed and went for a ride! We are always excited when we get time to ride on a nice day! We headed to Indianola, it was a day in the 70's but a strong wind out of the N-W and gusty so it was out of all directions it seemed! We had a good ride no dogs Sheryl's nose didn't act up, and it was a good day! Sheryl is gettin trained she spotted a 20mm socket on the road. The guys were excited to see some road treasure! We got back to Sheryl's and felt good!
Miles: 28.32
Time: 2.15
Average: 12.3

March 3, 2005

A pretty nice day but the wind was really strong. Sheryl and I decided to go anyway! I met with Sheryl at her house and we made a game plan to ride to McCook. Well it started out so bad with the wind directly in our face we could only travel about 10 mph tops. Sheryl's nose acted up a mile out of town, she would have killed for a klenex , but we had nothing of the sorts! We stopped so she could blow her nose she had it so red and raw by the time we reached Bartley. We then decieded to ride the road north out of Bartley two miles to get our 10 miles. We turned around and it was so great to not have the wind in our ears we could hardly believe it. we turned on the highway thinking it was going to be a piece of cake! When all of a sudden we heard a dog growl and boy did he! He came from around the shed with teeth showing and meant business. He was so funny a Corgy, I think maybe he had shorter legs than me! We laughed we wondered what he would have done if you would have caught us, bite our tires!? I told Sheryl she could't have gave him the boot she would have broke an ankle! I don't think the ol boy had missed many snacks! We poured on the steam and Sheryl and I keep saying oh no, oh no, the dog chased us a good block for he gave it up. Let me tell you we were warmed up by then and we laughed so hard we cried tears, we stopped a bit to get our bearing to go on! It was great heading home with the wind at our backs but we couldn't get our average up with such a slow start! We alaways have something to tell and laugh about our rides!
Time: 1.46
Average: 11.6

March 2, 2005

A nice day in the 60's to went for a ride! Went to just past the monument by Bartley and turned around. I needed to get back so I made a short ride today. It was a nice ride but had the wind gusty in both directions it seemed!
Miles: 20
Time: 1.20
Average: 13.8

March 1, 2005

We all went to the health club again! The guys worked weights and the wrestled with Aaron and Cody, they had fun! I worked on the machines and did a level 5 on both it felt good but I was sore , it is a different workout for me!

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