When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. - Arthur Conan Doyle

June 6, 2004

An evening ride with out sheryl, went after work. Got to past the lake road and meet Dave Burton. He biked to the Monument and back to Cambridge with me. It was great we visited and talked about biking! We said good bye at Cambridge and headed home. A S-W wind warm!
Miles: 22.19
Time: 1.27
Average: 15.5

Saturday June 12, 2004 Day 7

We were to bike from Oakland to Fort Calhoun, which was our last day of riding on BRAN! Parts of me were happy it was over but sad it was! We took off in good time again and had a pretty fair ride out of town. The road was really rough and several people had flat tires.We were on highway 77 which was fairly busy the shoulders of the raod were so rough that we had to keep getting on the road to ride. So we played chicken with the traffic. We turned off by Nickerson and headed East on highway 91 that took us into Blair. Let me tell you there was one long long long hill we traveled, I thought I was never going to get to the top of that one! We made it with several more to go.We reached Blair and they were getting ready for a parade, thank goodness we made it through before it started. We didn't stay we wanted to be there, we meet up with Paul and it seemed good he helped us pass the time again! We soon were heading into Fort Calhoun Ya! We made it! Sheryl's fisrt ride YaHoo! Scott the Bike Rack Mechanic was there waiting for me to come in and I got to see his little family, he gave me a hug it was good to see him! Kurt and the boys were't in yet so we went over for our reception of a hotdog! For a hotdog it really tasted good!! We went over and waited on the curb and watched the riders come in and cheer them on! We had several that came over to tell us good bye! Kurt and the boys got there and gave us hugs glad that we made it! The sirens went off and a tornado was spotted around the area, so we skipped our shower and drove to get out of the storm. Sheryl and I didn't think it was to good of an idea but they did get us out of the storm.We didn't smell all that good , but they didn't seem to mind!Our faces looked like raccons, and we had pretty good sunburns!We looked about as rough as you could get! We slept and snacked all the way home. It was good to be home in our own bed!!
Distance 50.14
Time 3.50
Max 31.10
Total BRAN Miles! 455

Friday June 11th, 2004 Day 6
South Sioux City to Oakland
We got up early and thought we would have some breakfast at the park this time. We left the crew sleeping and got ready to go!! We had pancakes and sausage hot coffee, it hit the spot this morning!! We ran into a guy that had biked the in every state and we visited with him. Boy did he have stories to tell, his name was Emery Revee's. He helped develop the balistic missile after the cold war!! I think we could have talked to him all day but we had to move on!!Wee raan on to him several times through the day!! It was a nice morning the sun was out and we went out of town in heavy traffic too!!It was a pretty good day but we knew we had some bad hills ahead!! We tryed not to think of them and wanted out of the heavy traffic. We went through the coolest Indain reservation, called Winnebago. It was so pretty ,green and lush with trees all around!! The wind was coming up but the trees blocked most of it. We had one of the meanest hills on the trip just turning into there. It was a pull very long and steep, seemed we would never get to the top. We passed several people getting off and pushing there bikes but we keep on a going!! We enjoyed the ride through there and got to visit alot!! This took us right along the Missouri River, the hills were worse to come!! We laughed and talked about everything under the sun! We went from Macy to Decatur, up and down many long hills and the wind was picking up really good by then!! We made some stops and rested the legs just a minute and headed on out!! There were a couple of Indian ladies selling home baked goodies. I knew if we stopped for them we would have to crawl in the rolaid bottle and live, so we passed them up! They had fried breads, other authentic foods, would have been great if we wouldn't have been pedalin!! Almost to Decator was this huge long winding steep hill, I think maybe the hardest one yet!! We started up that baby in the granny hole, and I new then it was going to be pure muscle and ackwardness!!! The wind was really bad by then and it made it a struggle, we did finally make it to the top, I was glad!! We stopped at a near by Sag and had a banana and filled water. We realized that we would be going right into the wind and hills as far as we could see!! Boy it was hard to take off ,our legs were really feeling the results of the hills!! I could feel the fatigue but I knew one way to get there was to take off and go!!! We traveled along ok but didn't beat any speed records, the sun was hot and the wind was bad!! We got to Lyons and turned out of the direct wind which was good. I would rather have a side wind anyday!! We were on a pretty busy highway into town and several hills to go to get there!! We were excited and couldn't wait we wanted to get to camp!! Kurt and the boys took a different way so they didn't have to contend with us riders. They were already there and had camp set up for us!! It was so good so see them, and we were glad that we had made another day!! We stayed at the Oakland City Park, a very pretty place but they grow hybrid mosquitos! We sprayed and sprayed but it didn't seem to matter they chewed on us anyway!! We fixed a lunch and Paul and his son Troy stayed and ate with us!! We rested a little and were ready to go again, so we took a drive around the town. We happened on a Bakery shop that was still open so we stopped in. We ordered a couple things and visited. They told Kurt and the boys a tractor pull was going on in Fremont, which was not to far away. I think it gave the boys a second wind. They had been a little bored with things and needed something to do. We cooked up some steaks on the grill for supper and they didn't even stay, off they went!!They were all smiles gave a kiss good bye and off they went! Sheryl and I had steaks and cleaned up. We got things ready for the last day of riding. Boyd came by to tell us good bye, he had to ride out really early to get home for something. So we were sad to say good bye , what a nice friend!! Sheryl and I turned in and had just about went to sleep when someone blew a bull horn in the park.I tell ya if that didn't wake the whole camp ground up. I think everybody in tents sat straight up! They had cars tearing around in and out of the park, they just couldn't resist!! I thought it was kinda funny really!! The boys got home kinda late and everybody tucked in and sleep good. Good- night!
Time: 3.50
Average: 13.5
Max speed: 31.10

Thursday June 10th, 2004 Day 5
Crofton to South Sioux City
We got up early as usual and had a good ol breakfast bar, we would have loved a latte at this point, boy did we miss our coffee!! We smeared oursleves with sunblock because we learned the hard way and had 2nd degree burns as it was. It was so foggy and really cool!! We still didn't take any chances we knew the sun would come out sometime!! Off we went we weren't to excited leaving in the thick fog on a single lane road but did anyway.We had quite a time our helmet keep doing the slide to side thing and were soagy!! We really didn't get to visit much we had to stay single file so when we could we did!! It seemed to help pass the miles quicker we had over 60 miles to go!! We stopped for our banana breaks as usual and filled with water, we talked to many people. They got so they remembered us from the days before, which made it fun. I can't imagine Sheryl and I leaving an impression!! We had quite a time, and tried to make the most of it. By the time of the third day some of the soreness goes away, but the legs did seem to get a little fatiged by the end of the day. The hills were good, alot of them long pulls, which really made the heart pound!! Sheryl did a great job and we stayed together the whole way. We stopped at a little town ,a Church was having a lunch under a shelter house. Man, we spotted that and put on the skids we wanted some hot coffee sooo bad!!They had all kinds of home baked goodies so it really hit the spot!! As we sat there the rain started in!! Boy we hated to think of going but we did anyway!! It was so nasty and cold with the rain hitting our face. We laughed though , which was worse the rain or wind?!!! We went along and soon were almost in and we stopped at a town called Ponca for a break. We ran into Paul there and he keep us company into South Sioux City!! The sky was getting darker and it looked like it might really pour down. Sure enough we reached Jackson and it let go!! It was on highway 20 and there was a lot of truck traffic. It was a combination of rain and what was coming out of the cattle pots!! We looked like we had been eating mud pies and our butts were covered with mud from the tires!! It was a site to see I tell ya!! We laughed and I think Paul took a pic of our butts, I hope he don't show that one around!! hee hee!! It was bad but Paul made us laugh and we made the most of it we just wanted to get there. We came into town on a four lane road and we had exits to contend with too!! So finding the right one and not getting run over was interesting!! We had to cross a four lane highway without a light, Paul showed us what to do. We followed him we got off and ran to the middle and waited and ran the rest of the way!! That was good our legs didn't want to run after we had been pedaling all those miles but we made it!! We had this really long bike trail that took us into the camp grounds. We were so ready to get there and it seemed a long ways. We got into camp and found out it was right across from the gambling boats in Iowa. We stayed on the other side of the Missouri River at a Park. It was pretty there and had a pool for the boys too!! We got there and I spotted the porta pottie place, I guess I had enough fluids in me it was time. This is so funny because me and close places are not good anyway! So I went to get out and it had this funny latch that I couldn't get open! Ok by this time Iam getting a little nervous,the sun had come out and it was 200 degrees in there I swear!! Anyway I finally got it and Sheryl was sittin on the bench laughing her head off at me!! She said the look on my face was worth a million, but I wonder why she couldn't have helped me!!! She gave me the excuse she was to tired to move, yah right !! Anyway I left them places alone the rest of the trip!! Ha!! Kurt and the boys got there and we found a nice place to park near the water!! We rested and walked around and checked it all out!! Justin went swimming and I went in and sat at a picnic table and watched I was to tired to swim. We decided to eat some pizza so we found a Pizza Hut!! Boyd went along to, and we had a lot of laughs the boys really like him!! We did a little site seeing and went across this really huge bridge into Iowa. Wewanted to see how you get the the gambling boat. We didn't stop we had the boys and we just didn't feel up to it!! We stoped and visited a Lewis and Clark visitor center and took some cool pics there!! We had quite a time finding our way back across, but we did. It was pretty on the water at night and the lights off the boat glowed on the water!! We decided to get ready for bed. Would be a big day again tomorrow. A storm brewed up in the night and started just pouring and wind was really bad. Kurt and Jess went out and rolled up our canopy on the camper and I yelled at Sheryl to come in!! Her tent was doing a dance and looked like it might go into orbit!! I went back in I was in my underwear out side and thought she would be coming soon! She didn't com and didn't come, finally She was frantic she couldn't find her tent zipper!! She was so sound asleep when the storm hit she wasl ost I think she opened the window of her tent a million times!!Kurt told her the next night he would tie a string around her toe nd to the tent door so she would be sure to find it then, and you can imagine what she said!! Anyway Justin hoped up with Kurt and I and Sheryl got to get some sleep!! If you can Kurt, Justin and me in a full bed, I know scary thought!! You know when you are so tired you can sleep just about anywhere and anyplace!! We all settled down to hopefully get some good rest!! Good night!!

Average: 12.8
Max speed : 26.0

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004 Day 4
Verdigre to Croften
Boyd wanted to ride with us today ! We Weren't sure he wanted to go our pace but he was nice he did! We had a nice ride back out the 14 miles that we came in to town. Which was a great ride, It was cloudy and cool when we left. This is a day with short miles , and we were kinda glad for that one! We had a good time with Boyd he picked on us and we of course picked back! Boyd is a great rider and this year he got a new bike and was really doing well! We had some pretty good hills , steep and seemed we had to shift a bunch. Boyd got behind Sheryl on this one huge hill. He was working her , saying come on now shift, get going now!! Sheryl was a cusing back and telling him she wasn't in the Army! I tell you I don't remember when I laughed so hard, I couldn't even pedal! I still can see Sheryl's legs going just as hard as thay could up that ol winding hill!! What a kill, I thought I was going to have to lay my bike down, It is hard to pedal when you are laughing! Boyd would get ahead then pretty soon we would run on to him again, it made the ride alot of fun this day! It was really cool and Sheryl was about to freeze up! It was a damp cold feel, first we would take jackets off and then put them back on, kinda strange day! We got into Crofton in good time and that was good we needed some good ol hot coffee! Kurt and the boys weren't there yet so we went up town to find something hot. We went to a local Sports Bar and they were serving hot coffee and homeade cinnamon rolls that hit the spot!! We decided to not pedal up to Gavins Point Dam it was an option to do! We just wanted to be warm, we later went there. It was kinda cool , a poster in the bar that had the pictures of the State Football Playoff, we new the Trojan boys in the picture. We then had to tell then where we were from! Ya of course , ya know you don't have to go very far and everybody knows of the Trojans!! We thought that was really cool!! We ran into Kurt and the boys and went to find a place to camp. It was over by the pool area, very pretty! They are known there for their great Ball Field, which we got to see!! We set up Sheryl's tent, found a place that had no sprinklers!! Yeah , we just knew she would sleep good tonight!! Justin went swimming right away, and Sheryl and I went to watch a little. Kurt noticed Sheryl's tires were looking kinda bad and should be replaced. So we looked up Crazy Kelly, the Bike Rack Guy. We decied we wanted to do something to Boyds Bike. He didn't want anything on the handle bars. Sooooo , Jess found this pink buck tooth bunny horn and bought it! We couldn't resist we had too!! So we borrowed a screwdriver form Kelly and proceeded to put this bunny on his bike. Well we sure wouldn't make very good bad girls, we dropped the screw a million times and we laughed so hard we were going to be a dead give away!! We got it done and just waited then to see if he would notice and how soon!! The suspense just about killed us!
Kurt and the boys started in on our bikes cleaning chains, they got pretty dirty! They got Sheryl's tires fixed lubed and Justin polished them to a shine, you could have put your lipstick on!! They looked like a million bucks when they got all done. We took a little nap on a blanket in the warm of the sun that was trying to come out. Justin had a little friend, Jordan come over to see if we needed anything! It was so funny he had on an addidas hat like Justin, was wearing his hair long had the same kind of jeans, and they liked the same kind of sports! I tell you , we had to look twice to make sure it was Justin not Jordan. He was the Student Manager for the State Playoff Football game so he was there too!! They played catch with the football until I thought the arms would fall of them. Then Jordan took him for the tour of the town!! He had a great time they went back to the pool and Jess was glad to have home out of his hair for a day! We fixed Steaks and on the grill for supper and they tasted so good! We were hungry for something else besides bananas! Jordan's Dad came over and he is a truck driver for Case IH Dealership there, he gave us in full detail of what we would encounter the next day. I kinda wish we wouldn't have known , it made me a little nervous!! Kurt , Jess and Jerry had a great visit, they had things in common to talk about. We took a tour around the town and went up to Gavins Point Dam , Wow that is so cool to see at night!! Then we went to see the big baseball field! They host three amateur teams, high school teams , midget and youth teams, it is quite a site. They even had a ball game going we watched a little, the boys liked that!Well by that time we couldn't keep our eyes open and it was time to tuck in!! We still wondered about Boyds horn if he would leave it on or not!! Good Nite!!
Croften Population: 757
Mile: 43.68
Time: 3.31
Average: 12.5
Max speed: 30.0
Cold and windy

Tuesday June 8th, Day 3
Butte to Verdigre
We woke up to a thunderstorm with pretty bad lightning! We were to go with Boyd but we decided to wait it out a little! Sheryl came in when it started storming. She said she had water on her tent for three hours in the night. The underground sprinklers came on and showered her tent back and forth from 1:00 to 3:00! She said at first she thought it was under her but almost just as bad she didn't get much sleep at all that night! We laughed because then we knew why it was sooo green there!! We blasted off after things settled down a bit. We even got to have some breakfast with the boys this morning. The coffee tasted good and warmed us up! Jess took a pic of Sheryl and me, we looked like we had been up all night or in a dog fight either one!! The hills were pretty tough close to Niabrara State Park very long and steep! The air was really humid and hard to get your wind good! From Verdel to Niobrara was the hardest riding but so pretty! We turned to head to Verdigre and had a huge hill then a nice 14 mile ride into town! It was pretty wet and hills covered with greens and smelled so good! We were ready for some coffee, got to town and spotted a coffee shop! Verdgre is the Koloche Capital. So we had to stop and check it out and we had coffee and a roll and brought back Kolaches, for the boys to try! We stayed at the Wildwood Acres Park. Up town we noticed this iron horse made of scrap metal. We yelled at Pastor Fred to take a pic of us with the ass!! He laughed at us and said he wouldn't just stop for anybody!! We headed for camp and it was a little ways form town, but so pretty and green!! We stayed at a place where there was a pool, ballfield, and campgrounds! Kurt and the boys were already there and we were camped back down a winding road in the trees! We had lunch and showered and went for a ride uptown! There was an Amish tent that was selling homeade candy and onion blossoms! We bought some candy and I had to get there cookbook they were selling. We thought it would be neat to see how they farmed. So we followed the address to the country and drove all over but never did find it!! We figured out that Vedigre was built on a hill everywhere you went was up or down a hill!! I really couldn't get enough of looking at the hills and the greens, wow what a site!! Justin is the only one that tested out the pool, he had fun swimming!! We went up town for supper to the ZCBJ Hall Sponsored by the Service Club, they were having fried chicken and mashed potatoes!! We had the full meal even with ice cream for dessert. We were so full we could hardly move, but man it was good! That is my boys favorite meal and they were happy for that!!We took another journey that evening. Justin , Sheryl and I took a wagon ride. An Amish fella was giving rides with a team of big Belgins and a hay wagon. We got on and it was so fun to see the valley at a slow pace. As we came over the bridge we could see the camp and there was a baseball game going on too! His team of horses were a younger and older one but they did just great , I think I enjoyed watching them work toegther as much as anything!

They were tired and it was the last ride into town ,we thanked him and gave him at tip!! We took pic's of his little family they were all stair steps in age!!We started back to camp and then took a shuttle the rest of the way home! I told Sheryl isn't is sad that people grow up so isolated that they don't know the smell of a wet horse or how hay smells after being cut . I guess I am glad that we did I would have hated to miss that!! The boys wanted to start a fire and roast marshmellows, and Sheryl was right in the middle of that!! She lives to build camp fires!! We had smores and they tasted so good!We laughed and had a great time! Kim came over to get her phone that she had charging and sat with us. The girls were all on one side and the guys all got up one at a time. Well before you know it we were doing summersalts off the bench!! We all layed on the ground just laughing our heads off!! I looked once and seen Kim flipping and before you know it it was my turn!! What a nite and we decided to end it then!! Off to bed Good Nite!
Verdigre Population: 519
Miles: 58.0
Max: 30.0

Monday , June 7th, 2004, Day 2
Springveiw to Butte
We got up as usual and we decided to have some breakfast in the school. We left Jess and Justin sleep in and Kurt walked with us there. We had pancakes and fruit and most important coffee!! We were ready to rock and roll! Kurt took our picture in the background you can see the big wind chargers !! The ambulance went right in front of us out and we thought it might be a rider! Sheryl was ready to lend a hand in case!! We felt good a little sore but once we got going it felt right. The day was nice not to cool, so it made getting warmed up easier. We had a great ride there was some wind but not to bad.The hills were great you could get up good speed going down and not even have to shift much to the top! I love those kind of hills, Sheryl tells me I can eat the hills up! We stopped , Yes for more bananas, I was begining to know how babies feel! The scenery was so so pretty and everything was green! We made really good time and was there before you know it! The little kids from Butte were all dressed up in special BRAN shirts that they had made! They gave us an escort to the school grounds where we camped that night. When Kurt and the boys got there we found a place to park at the bus barn. It had a place to plug into so we could have air conditioning!! It felt really nice we fixed a little lunch and rested some! We then decided to put up Sheryl's tent there was a nice green lawn beside. That should have been our first clue, but it looked good at the time! Little did we think of underground sprinklers!! We lounged around the camper, Pottsie Linda and Kim came over and talked with us a little too! We went for supper at the Full Gospal Church that nite they had Mexican! The boys were horsing around outside the church. Jess knocked Justin's hat off it went flying and it was so so funny! That is when the 21 gun salute happened , we laughed so hard it was like we had done a million set ups! It was for President Ragan of course!! hee hee!! A strom was brewing and it looked kinda bad. The boys played waffle ball outside most the night. Sheryl and I took a walk and looked at the most beautiful garden I had ever seen! It was so green and pretty there it almost hurt your eyes!! The storm missed us, so we tucked in early we had another big day ahead!! Good- Nite!!
Butte Population: 366
Miles: 55.16
Time: 3.36
Average speed: 15.2
Max speed: 34.7

Sunday, June 6th, 2004 , First Day
Today we bike from Cody to SpringVeiw.
We got up early around 5:00 and felt like we hadn't went to sleep at all! Eyes were like tow pee holes in a snow drift. We were to excited to sleep I have a feeling that sleeping tonight will not be a problem! Kurt and the boys got up with us and Kurt made us coffee and we had a light bowl of cereal! It was really cool in the 50's so we layered our things that we wore. We got off to meet Boyd a little late, but he soon got used to that! Kurt, Jess and Justin walked us to the corner and we said our good- bye's! We wondered what the day had in store for us, if it would be hilly or windy. Boyd took off and we didn't see him much after the first few miles! He is a jet Boy with his new wheels! We didn' want to hold him up, so we told him to go on.We had a pretty good run of level roads but we did run on to the hill we had worried about! It is the hill Noth of Valentine! It was one that pulled fom the very start and was a grind the whole way. We clicked down in our low gear at least I thought I was! Sheryl and I was going pretty good but we sounded like a steam engine pullin a hill! We made it to the top but with no speed records. I discovered that I was not in my small ring so I had pulled that bad boy in my second ring! No wonder , I was thinking to myself I should have trained more for this! We asked a guy if he ran across a spare lung or maybe even a heart back there!! We laughed about it but
Sheryl went up it like she had done it before.The wind was picking up and it was starting to get really warm.The country is so pretty and green, and we found oursleves talking about everything! The time passed quickly and before you know it we went half -way. It was in the high 90's by then and the wind was out of the S-E to S at 30 to 35 mph at least! We stopped at a little town called

sparks and they were serving lunch. We didn't really want to eat much but we new we would need it for the energy.They had hamburger and fries and we waited in line forever. The longer we waited the worse the wind was getting.We had good sunburn's and would have done anything for a advil at this point. Sheryl had a bunion hurting and my knee was killing me! I had to take my rear trunk off the back, right at the first sag stop, we had raised the saddle to make it work. It was to much I could feel my knee theen pulling. So we didn't have any of our supplies with at all! We looked like we could stand in for a couple fire trucks! We were tired after we had stopped, but went on! We had many bananas and water breaks , the wind and heat was really getting to us! We then stopped at a snow cone place, and rested a minute. An older guy had the biggest snow cone in a cup I had ever seen! Sheryl and I started picking on him that we would count how many times we heard his tent flap in the nite to go to the bathroom! He got quite a charge out of us and joked back too! We found out that we had to ride straight in to the wind a ways which we did not look forward too! We really couldn't talk it was so windy and we were hanging on tight.We turnned into the wind and it was like our legs were moving but our bodies weren't! I really didn't know how we would make it but we did! Kurt, Jess and Justin drove out to check on us and they had good cold water and we took a little break. They didn't tell us what we had ahead or we might have just jumped in the pickup right then! They had been fishing a place south of Springveiw, called Keller Park. They said they would take us there later to see the huge hills to get there! I think they caught some fish but none to clean! We said good bye and gave hugs and away we went to indure the wind some more. I was starting to get a little heat sick I had goose bumps going on but I keep on drinking.

Sheryl was doing so good I was really proud of her it was a realy challenge! We had a little over 18 miles to go and we would be in. We could see two big wind chargers in the distance and it seemed we were gettin closer all the time.We had hill after hill going into town. Kurt and the boys and checked out the big chargers and read all the information about them.They keep a wind speed of 32 rpm and they the blades weighted in the amount of 30,000 lbs.It was really neat to see and really cool to bike by!I wondered then why we didn't have them around our area muchThe chargers generated enough electricity to power 400 or so homes, wow how cool!! We had made it into the school hot and tired but soooo glad to see the camp! They had everything ready for us and the camper was cool!!Boyd was there talking to Kurt and the boys waiting too!We showered and felt better, got our second wind! Mom had sent some cooked roast beef for us so we made some sandwich's. It sure hit the spot we had enough bananas for one day! We went for a drive and the guys wanted to show us were they went fishing what a pretty park!!We thought it would be a fun place to go camping sometime!We went that night and bought new bike sandals. Sheryl had to do something and that was the answer, they were so great I had to have a pair!! We put up her tent, it was hard the wind was still at it. She didn't know if it would be there in the morning! We were ready for bed early and new we would take off about 6:00 again the next morning! Good- nite!
Springveiw population: 292
Distance: 88.0 miles
Time: 7.0 hrs.
Average: 12.4
Max speed: 30.0
Windy and Hot!

!!BRAN 24 June 5th , 2004
We are getting the camper packed and last minute things ready. I have again packed enough to stay for weeks!! Kurt had some last minute things to do too! In the meantime Sheryl had taken two showers and packed more stuff too!! It looked like we were running away from home! The boys took the front and Sheryl and I got the back! We stopped at North Platte and you guessed it bought more goodies even yet! We had so many things to eat it was crazy .We just looked in the cabinets at the stuff we bought and laughed!! We headed north out of North Platte and noticed things got pretty dry. The boys were excited there was even turtle crossing signs up, and fence so they wouldn't get on the highway to there end. We got to Cody and was glad to get out and stretch the ol legs! We were excited to get checked in and I was excited for Sheryl! How cool it is her first BRAN! We introduced her to Crazy Kelly the Bike Rack Mechanic, Boyd and the crew from North Platte and that is a handful in itself! There were a few that even remembered me!! Linda , always tells me that I meet people going in and out of the restrooms!! Ok I guess I do, I enjoy it alot!! We introduced Sheryl into clamping in on her bike pedals for the first time. Paul Heumphreus and Pottsie helped her get going! She did a great job and didn't have any trouble at all!! She was mad though that we were all lookin at her, Oh well!! We went to a local bar called the Husker Hub and that is where we had supper. It was spaghetti and tacos, the boys loved that. We went back to the camper and thought we better get Sheryl's tent up before dark. Jess and Justin pitched right in and it was up before you know it!! We were to meet Boyd at 6:00 in the morning so we could leave together! What a day I was nervous and excited all the same time!! You would think as many times as I have ridden this ride I would have the butterflies worked out!! Better get to bed good- night!
Cody population 149

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