When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. - Arthur Conan Doyle

An afternoon ride, biked in to pick up Sheryl! It was a warm day in the 90's,pretty windy out of the N-E. We decided to bike to just past Indianola. The traffic was already heavy with the big weekend coming on. As we were riding we noticed the wind was gusty out of all different directions. So we had the wind in our face riding out and back both, I figure we had a good workout! One thing about it we will be ready to ride in the wind, because that is all we have had to train in this year! This weekend we will stay off the busy roads, and hit it again next week. the count down for BRAN is almost here now!

Miles Logged: 41.0

A morning ride, drove into town and meet Sheryl at her house. I had both bikes in the Tahoe after our last ride. We decieded to make the trip around the loop. We went south of Cambridge to the juction. We had a pretty good wind mostly out of the south but a little to the west also! It was a nice day for riding a little cool at first but it was just a perfect day! The hills south were a challenge , but we tackled them and then headed to Lebanon! Still we bucked a head wind but boy is it a nice road and hardly any traffic.We still didn't stop any just headed right on up the big hill north of Lebanon! It really looks big starting up it and Sheryl really thought so too! We climbed it with a little huffing and puffing by the time we made it to the top! We enjoyed the nice road and the beautiful country!The Russion Olives are blooming and the air had a great scent! We laughed and talked, and I discovered Sheryl wrote one of her first poems about this road! We decided to ride this again soon! Sheryl is thinking of riding BRAN, and I hope she will, we will have a great time together! The only thing is we get to laughing and we have trouble peddling!! My family are getting anxious now, they have alot of things to see and do this time!

Miles Logged: 42.37

A Sunday afternoon ride, a nice warm day with a S-W wind. I left home at about 5:00 and headed for Sheryl's. We decided to bike to Mccook. Kurt and the boys would pick us up at the East Casey's. The wind was a little gusty but by the time we made it to McCook it was a tail wind yah Babe!! I have always loved the saying May the sun be at your face and the wind at your back! Now that I ride a bike I really like that!! They boys came and picked us up and we went for supper,we were starving as usual!! Then went to Wal-Mart looking pretty bad but needed to get a few things!!We had a real good ride!! I think Sheryl is hooked!!

Miles Logged: 30.0

A late afternoon ride after work! I was pretty tired we had a big day at the coffee shop. Pottsie stopped by in the afternoon, I told him I would like to ride. So quick went home after work changed and caught up with Pottsie at my corner. We had a great ride, it had been a while since I had biked with Pottsie! We went to the hill past Indianola and turned around and headed home. The daylight was going quickly , he didn't think I should go on home from Cambridge. Carla took me home and the wind had really picked up by then! It was a perfect evening and it is always fun to ride with ol Pottsie!!
Miles Logged: 36.76

An afternoon ride with a little S-W wind. It was partly cloudy but warm! Sheryl was gone so had to ride solo! It isn't as much fun when you don't have someone to laugh with! Trust me we do alot of that everytime, we have some sort of experience to tell! Kurt put the new areo bars on to let me try. So I decieded to go on a pretty level surface first. I went to just past Bartley to a get a 16 mile mark and turned around. I had a sort of a tail wind going home and I think the areo bars will work great. I picked up at least 2 to 3 mph with them! I ran back home between 20 to 21 mph. That is what I call ridin, didn't take me long to get back! On the way though I found some more road treasure! I know Sheryl will have a cow, but I found a air chuck and a big pin that you hold with a cotter key! They guys always want me to stop for tools, so I try too! Sheryl has a fit that I know what they are, at least she wasn't along to put her foot in gum this time!! HA!

Miles Logged: 32.0

It is my Birthday, not going to tell how old. Anyway we picked up the boys from school and went to pick the bikes up. Patty had them all done and did a great job on them as usual! She put new chains, shift cable, trued wheels and adjusted. She is in a small motel room way smaller than what she had. The boys wanted to take me to Applebees for supper, they said they wouldn't tell , it was my Birthday. You know that they did,we shared the brownie and ice cream!
We headed home and Mom and Dad were waiting here for us. The smell of coffee was great, my Birthday cake was wonderful! They brought gifts and cards! Kurt and the boys gave me bike stuff! aero bars for my bike , I can't wait to try out! Sheryl and her family gave me a whiskey barrel and plants to put in it! Andrew, Mark and Sheryl's son, gave me a solor powered turtle, that is way cool!I had a great Birthday with all lot of well wishes and cards!

We went to Steve and Linda Pearson's for supper. Patty and George were down and they were working on the RAGBRI bus. She offered to take both bikes to service.


A late afternoon ride, drove into Sheryl's and we left form there. We decided to try biking to McCook, but would need a way home. We would have ran out of daylight hours. Mark said he would, so off we went. It was a little cool, and the wind was out of the N-E. We tackled the hills with ease and before we knew it we were in McCook. we went North to avoid any construction and headed right for the Pizza Hut. We called Mark from there. We parked our bikes on the side of the building. We used the window that had a screen pulled for a mirror , you know to adjust things. We lookded pretty bad to be going into public. When we got inside we discovered that someone had been in the booth behind the window that we were adjusting in! Boy, were we embarassed! Knowing us we probably made a good show, just guessing!! Any way we had pizza and you guessed a cold beer! It hit the spot!Mark came and we went home! we had a great time a aand a lot of laughs!!

Miles Logged 27.0

An late morning ride, went to town to pick up Sheryl.She was still at the coffee shop, had to get her gear yet. Anyway we started out and by then the wind was really picking up out of the N-E. It was really gusty but good going with it as a tail wind!! I always love a tail wind one problem you have to ride back into it! We made it all the way to Indianola and stopped at the park to fill bottles, and check out the grave for the little Indian Lady. Ola. I just have learned the story on how that came about kinda cool! Anyway Sheryl's nose was starting to act up and guess what of all the days she didn't take her allergy med. She found a roll of toliet paper , I think next time we will have to bring the park a new roll!! HA! We had one really, really bad head wind to go home too. Let me tell you the girls were screaming by Bartley! We keep on we were bound to finish. I said I bet we could pick up a penny with our strong buns now!! Sheryl thought it would be a grain of sand and we could turn a pearl!I guess think about that one, she had to get back to work and so we just keep our hands and heads down on the grips and went on! I left her at her house in Cambridge and went on to the Tahoe. Sheryl felt a little upset to her tummy but next time she will drink more water and we take a break once in a while! The trip from Cambridge to the Tahoe was long but boy was I gled to get there!! The wind was really bad in the 25's and gusty to 30's. I guess it will make us tough but I was sure tired. Justin had a music program tonight, it was good! Lasted to long the kids were sure tired.We celebrated Jesse's B-Day, 15 years old today, and Mom and Dad's Anniv 42 years. We had cake and ice cream and had a great time!!

Miles Logged:40.0


Well today I didn't bike, it was really windy. I thought it would calm down by evening, then was a little stormy looking. So stopped by Sheryl's to wish her a Happy Brthday! Can you believe she has a Birthday on Cinco De Mayo, Oh my gosh we celebrated wiith the wrong drink! We will have to make up for that one maybe Sat night! She is a little mad at Kurt he called her birthday in on the radio today! She is gonna do somthin. somthin BAD! I have no fears she WILL get even! Tomorrow we will try to get a ride in sometime I hope. Jesse has a big Birthday tomorrow he will be 15,Wow where did that time go! Mom and Dad will have an Anniv. too. they will be married 42 years. Well better get a present wrapped up!

A evening ride after work, the sun was warm and temp's in the high 80's. Started out on my way to Cambridge to pick up Sheryl. I had plans to ride the lake road, so that is where we went too! Was really warm and a corner tail wind going out. We started out on the highway and I noticed something shiny. I had to go back and check it out. Sure enough it was a SK 1/4 inch drive socket, wow what a find! In the mean time Sheryl had put on the skids and guess where, she put her foot right on a piece of melted gum. Well we didn't notice at first until she was glued to the pedal. Oh man did she gum up her pedal and shoe, we laughed so hard we could hardly pedal!! Anyway we started up the big hill and it is a mean one no matter how many times you pedal it! We did a good job we made it all the way out to the lake and turned around to head home. The lake was a sight to see, the sun was shining across it and made it glisten like silver. The silhouette of us along the road looked so cool and the scent of green was in the air! We tackled the big hill by Jackson's, it was a mean one but we got up it anyway! Here come Mom and Dad in the delivery van, they had to deliver a sofa to Joyce. They were a little worried about us on the lake road, but waved good- bye! We hit the big hill going down to the highway, and we turned her loose! I think I got up to 33 mph and Sheryl did a 31 mph. It was getting pretty dark by then so we quick got back to town. I went on home from there, turned on my blinkie light and a jacket. You could see me in the dark pretty good, in fact a patrolman was parked along he highway and told me I was good to go! Good thing I didn't think it was because I was speeding! HA! Anyway as I headed for home the full moon was coming up and glowed in the sky light a night light. It was so pretty I wanted to keep going, I could have looked at it all night. It lit up the whole shy, then I thought it would be cool to have moonlight ride sometime. I made it back to the Tahoe and headed for home! A great ride as always! I had to laugh about Sheryl and her gum though!!

Log Miles: 32.23

2004 Bike Log
2-19 -04 First ride with my cousin Sheryl, man you should have heard her complain about all the bike gear! I finally got her to wear the cycle shorts and I brought her all the other things the bike , helmet, gloves, sunglasses and yes even the water bottles ,filled! So It was biking 101! We both have ridden bikes as kids, but this is a new experience. We went around town a little to get Sheryl used to shifting I tried my best to tell her the things I learned. Ha, which was not much! Anyway we started out for the highway and went to Bartley and back again and around town some more both had a great time, it was in the 60's and a real nice day and not to windy.She did a great job her first ride I think she is a natural at it.This is my 7th year to ride the BRAN , Bike Ride Across Nebraska.I love to get other people to ride makes it more fun!
Log miles: 20.0

This was a Sunday afternoon ride in the 50's and a little cool and windy.A short 10 mile ride out and back again,wind coming home was a tail wind !
Log Miles: 20.10

Went for a ride in the afternoon was a nice day a little windy going and a tail wind coming back!
Log Miles: 20.0

Sheryl and I took an afternoon ride. It was nice in the 80's today. We decided to ride a few hills and Sheryl was a little nervous about it all! Ha! Yes, she did just fine, learning how to shift a different bike and when to shift is tricky. We went to the Rep Valley School house and turned around and came back to Bartley. We were fighting a pretty good wind coming home.We were so hungry when we got home we could have had a half of beef. I loved it Sheryl said she keep on getting something to eat all night , she just about wore the pantry door out!
Log Miles: 37.0

An afternoon ride with Sheryl , we got a late start. I got a flat tire at Bartley. We stopped and Dave Burton fixed me up. He had to go home to get his bike pump. It wasn't long and he had me up and going! Anyway we went on to Indianola and turned around and headed back. It seemed to be windy both ways coming and going. For some odd reason we were starving at Bartley!!!!!! Imagine that anyway we stopped at the Cafe had some pie and ice cream,man did that hit the spot!!!! It was getting kinda late by then so we needed to get our buns back. It seemed a long ways home we were fighting a good head wind the whole way home.We had a good time as usual. Again we were so hungry that we snacked all night.
Log Miles : 30.0

I worked in the morning at the Coffee Shop. Sheryl let me go in the afternoon to take a ride. I quick changed and off I went. It was cloudy and cool and looked like it might rain. I knew it was Nebraska and we don't get rain. Well I was wrong!!! I started out for Bartley to take my 15 miles out and it was looking darker. I thought it was just my sunglasses making it seem so dark. So it was windy and chilly got to past Bartley and turned around and by the lake road I felt a couple drops on my head. I thought oh oh, I am gonna get wet, yep by the time I got through Cambridge I was soaked. So I thought should I stop or go on?! Well I guess only one way to get there and that is to just ride so that is what I did. It was fun not really cold, but a good ride anyway!
Log Miles:30.0

It was a afternoon ride on a Sat. I thought I would take a 50 mile ride. I was really needing to get one in. I took out for the Rep Valley school.Decided to go on up the hill to get a 25 and a good 50 back home then! Well it was all going good, turned and was headed back and started to get really warm. Some young girls were selling Kool-aid in Indianola gave them all my change to have a drink! It was good and cold but made me really thirsty. they filled my camel bac and I was good to go! So I headed on and got the chill's by Bartley. So I stopped rested and guess what?!! I went back to my bike and had a flat tire, yes the same one as before. I am so bummed about it and I can't get any signal to call out of Bartley. Here come my recuers Dave and Cindy Burton. Gosh what would I do without those guys.They loaded my bike up and got me a gatorade to drink to help me with me goose bumps.Gave me a ride back to the Tahoe, I sure felt bad I couldn't finish the ride. I was glad cause the wind picked up and it really would have been hard to ride home in.Oh well I will try again!
Log Miles: 36.35

I biked into town to pick up Sheryl at Cambridge . We decieded to go south of Cambridge and ride a few hills. It was a little cool and partly cloudy that day. We headed out and it was a little corner wind in our face the hills are pretty good. It is a pretty rough road and hard to get up much speed up! We tackled one at a time and Sheryl got along really good. I tried showing her how to shift on the hills to make it easier, she caught on and did a great job. We got to almost the junction and they were floating fertilizer on the bottom so we just stopped before. We rested had a snack and a little to drink, Sheryl was having a fit to put her ol nasty gloves in the sack. I had to laugh at her she said to me where do you wipe your nose, I said on your gloves or the other way, you know blow! Man was she ever grossed out on that one ,we had some good laughs over it! She had known about me one time when I tried I went off roading and about wrecked and put a bad bruse on my thigh. I guess I won't try that one again either! Ha! We got turned around and she got the sneezes, bad allergys. so the whole way home she sneezed and sneezed! We had a good ride home and it seemed better as we went. Had agreat time and we laid alot of eggs that day!!!! I went back to Sheryl's and then headed back on home to where I parked th Tahoe on the highway.
Log Miles: 40.0

It was an afternoon ride really warm in the high 80's. A strong SW wind to go in. I kept riding had plans to ride more but got really tired in the wind. So I turned around and headed back to past Bartley a ways.

Coming home was so great I think I ran 19 to 20 miles the whole way home! I like that kind of riding!I sure felt it in my legs later though. I was tired and hungry!! I had a good strong ride!!!!!
Log Miles: 31.50

An afternoon ride warm high in the 90's a strong SW wind made it a workout. Going was hard and then turned around past Bartley and thought I would have a fast ride home. Think again-- wind changed directions and had a strong side wind coming back. So it made it a workout both ways!! I felt good and stong though!
Log Miles:33.0

My name is Cindy and I ride a road bike.

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