When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. - Arthur Conan Doyle

June 29, 2005

A mid morning ride windy and in the high 90's. The wind was out of the n-w, So we decided to bike into it and have a tail wind coming home! We fought the wind going and stopped at the Bartley Park. Sheryl needed to get some water and we rested in the shade of the beatiful park! We turned around there and headed back towards home! We ran around 20 mph the whole way back that is what I call riding!!!! We are going to wait until the busy weekend is over and try to get a few more miles before our big ride this Sat.
Miles Logged: 28.0

June 27, 2005

A afternoon ride I headed out from my corner and Sheryl meet me this time! We turned around and decided to ride south of town this time. It was hot and windy in the 90's and the humidity was high! The wind was out of the s s-e so we biked into the wind going and got just really hot we stopped at a farm place and cooled off and headed back for home! It felt good to cool off I think the flies were even starting to gather we sweat so much!Ha!! I wanted to lay down in the cool water but I thought I wouldn't want to go back home then! We turned around and had a little tail wind and we felt better and soon we were back again.Sheryl biked back to the Tahoe with me and I gave her a ride back home and we stopped for a cold icey pop, it was great!!I found a 5/8 wrench and a 1/4 inch drive socket along the road today!!
Miles Logged: 27.0

June 27, 2005

A late afternoon ride, heat was getting up there in the high 90's! I biked in to get Sheryl and we biked to Indianola. It was really hot with gusty winds out of the south. So it seemed it was in our faces both ways. We stopped at the local station for a poweraide to get some energy back in us and we had a nice visit with a few people in there.One guy offered to buy us a ice cream cone, I guess we looked like we needed something cold! One lady had just gotten out of the hospital with complications from cancer of the pancreas! We told her and her husband to go out and do some things that they like and to enjoy the time they have! I told Sheryl again and she had heard it a million times from me that we have to live each and everyday just as darn hard as we can, she agreed to! We said goodbye and was on our way back towards home agian but we did feel cooler and had more energy! We were tired but we felt good in our legs a good ride
Miles Logged: 41.0

June 23, 2005

Well here we are training for another ride! Sheryl and I are going to ride the Cornhusker games this year. We will ride from Lincoln to Beatrice and back again it will be a 100 miles. This is on July 9 and we will take off at 6:30 in the morn. Mick and Justin will take us so they can drive us home we will be ready to rest I am afraid! Anyway we are riding a morning ride biked in to get Sheryl and we biked to past Bartley and back. We had a headwind going s s-w and very hot 95*.This is our fisrt ride since home from BRAN and it felt good to get going again!
Miles Logged: 33.0

June11, 2005

We have returned from the BRAN ride 25. Yes, it was a ride to remember I think if it was there this year we rode in it!! We had to finish early several days because of weather. We had one total day that you could call pretty good! You know we trained in all kinds of weather this year, I guess it has been unpredictable. We had a good time and ran into alot of old friends some that we have made along the way! Iam sure they were some I had met on my first ride, and not in the bathroom Sheryl!!Kurt and the boys had a great time they did some carp shooting with there bows at several different lakes! They got to see the tornados come down out of the sky at Arnold!While Mark was coming to our rescue as he had many a times on this ride! Thank You Mark! The country was so beautiful this year everything was very green and lush with the rain they had been getting. I would say it is one of my most favorite places to get to ride, with courthouse and jailhouse rock! The boys and Kurt climbed to the top of courthouse rock and let me tell you things looked mighty small from the pics they took! Then when we were in Arnold we traveled north of town and looked at the most beautiful look out over the town called devils den! We enjoyed our trip again this year and we had fun even though it stormed us out!! We met our ol friend Roger Paine AKA Jugs, He remembered us from last year we picked on him about his huge snow cone and that he would have his tent zipper going all night and we didn't want to camp by him! We have had a million laughs over the last couple years! I know that if laughing makes you live longer Sheryl and I will live to be old Grandmas!!Ha!! A fun time was had by all and we are ready for next year, maybe through Cambridge?!!

May 26, 2005

Sheryl and I are trying to get a few more miles before BRAN, so we decided to go again today! I headed from my corner to catch up with Sheryl! yeah!! The wind decided to blow again out of the n-w mostly west at about 14 mph or so. The day was in the 70's but partly cloudy and felt cool! To the point coveralls would have felt good and I had an icicle in my ear!! We soon got warmed up and went to past Bartley to our 15 mile mark and turned around. It was so nice to have a tail wind coming back I had almost forgot what that was like!! We are going to wait now until after Memorial Day to ride again it is camper and boat and trailer crazies out there! Some of them first day behind a wheel of one , no thanks but I will pass taking any chances!!
MIles Logged: 31.53

May 24,2005

Not hardly a whisper of a wind and ready to ride again! I drove in to Sheryl's I had her helmet from the last ride. We took off from there and went south out of Cambridge the wind seemed to be in our faces we thought! The sun was warm in the 80's and really humid. We enjoyed the ride and felt good, we always enjoy the ride to the junction it is so pretty the birds singing and the cows in the pastures with new babies! We got to the junction and I swear you could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet and peaceful!! We needed a couple of lawn chairs I think we would have stayed all day! Anyway we left for Wilsonville and went a little past and turned around and headed home. It was a little windy but not to bad until we turned north. Then oh boy it was a slow climb from the junction up but we made it! It was starting to get pretty hot so we had to drink plenty of water!We did eat a few bugs, maybe helped a little with energy! We had a good workout in the hills and wind today!!!
Miles Logged: 32.0

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